About Me

Corey J. Roberts was born and raised in towns between Philadelphia and Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Surrounded by American suburban sprawl on one side and the horse and buggies of the Amish on the other, he had somewhat limited exposure to the performing arts throughout his primary and secondary education.

He studied a course of performing arts and languages during his undergraduate years at Pennsylvania State University. His studies during this time took him to exchange programs in Russia, Brazil, and Senegal. He worked in theatre, dance, languages, and education for a time in Miami, Virginia, and Maryland while pursuing graduate work in theatre at Virginia Commonwealth University and the University of Maryland.

By the time he finished a two-year stint in New York, Corey had performed Off Broadway, directed theatre and musical productions, began acting for film, and taught on the 2nd grade through college level. During a brief stay in Pennsylvania he decided to delve more fully into an acting career, acting in theatre, commercials, and children's television programming in the Philadelphia market. He packed his bags yet again, this time to cross the country and head to Los Angeles where he has worked and resided since 2010.

In Los Angeles Corey has performed in national commercials for such companies as Cricket Mobile, Aamco, and Wild Turkey. He has also performed his share of Shakespeare on stage. Corey often finds himself in bizarre projects, landing him in quirky roles such as Bigfoot, Darth Vader, and a dissected frog. His real love for tv and film is fantasy and Sci-fi, and he often fantasizes about one day playing Gandalf the Light Brown.